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Honcho Baby
Choose Organic Cotton 

Organically grown cotton is free of both pesticides and a range of harmful or risky substances found on non organic/conventional grown fibers.

Baby’s skin is very delicate and absorbent in the early developmental stage. Being more porous than adults, Baby skin absorbs more of everything it comes in contact with including the harsh chemicals from the fabrics. 

We as a responsible manufacturer ensure to use only the certified organic fabrics in particular. It's the perfect choice for babies and nature protection for baby skin.

GOTS certified product goes through a stringent process that regulates the use of chemicals on the organic product. No harmful carcinogenic chemicals are used on GOTS certified products.

Organic fabrics help reduce the chances of baby’s sensitive skin becoming irritated and also provides peace of mind for parents.  

When choosing natural baby products, you will be reducing the number of chemicals that your baby’s skin would absorb

You wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing different types of material for the summer or winter because organic cotton is appropriate for both.

Organic cotton is better for the environment. Besides, employees of organic companies can also enjoy working in a healthier environment and not exposed to dangerous chemicals.  

Organic cotton farming is putting less stress on nature by using naturally beneficial practices, such as crop rotation, mechanical removal of weeds, and not treating any of them with fungicides.

So purchasing organic cotton products means that you not only ensure the protection of our little ones, 

you also have a hand in making the whole world a little safer place to live.

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